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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 3, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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bill and ally are off next. >> thank you, guys. nicely done. and fox news alert. full court press now to resale obama care. the president launching a new campaign. >> i am alisyn camerota. 90 minutes from now, the president will speak about the good things that are in the affordable care act and this pr push will be first of many from the white house. byron york is a fox news contributor. hi, byron? what will the president say to convince americans about obama care. >> we didn't know there would be a obama care damage sales come pain. look for the president to declare victory on the website. there could be a now problems and not working 100 percent.
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but look for him to declare victory and look for him to suggest that the only problems with obama care were those website problems and now that that is fixed, obama care will be the great thing for everybody in america. >> his trustworthiness tock a hit sense the broken promise of if you like your doctor and plan you can cope them. would it be as effective as a month or three years ago? >> no, there is a credibility problem. you can keep your coverage plan back fired on the president. and the other is strategy of using success stories and looking to the obama care success stories and hopefully they will be more successful and the stories didn't man up.
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the republicans will have an equal numbers of people hurt by obama care and lost their coverage and have premiums go up and deductibles go sky high. there will be an equal. this person helped and hurt quality to what we are going to see. >> did they admit they did a lousy job of articulating the great things in this? if you ask a hundred americans what is in the affordable care act? they could say something about preexisting coverage and beyond, that people do know very few specifics. >> they are finding out because of the implementation. the reason that republicans never got a lot of traction with the warnings of obama care, it was not yet a reality in american lives and now it is here. they are worried about losing their own coverage and premiums going up and a deduct dibl so
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high they pay for all of the health care anyway. what is teaching americans about obama care is the reality and implementation of obama care. that's the problem that president obama has to it deal with. and they it are learning about tradeoffs in obama care. for everybody that it hurts somebody else will pay more. >> did the democrats pressure the white house. and you can't hang us out to dry with this? >> democrats met with white house officials on capitol hill. they are very nervous. every democrat is up for reelection and democrats in the senate are as well. and anybody who has been here since 2010, if you are democrat, you voted for obama care. you will have a republican opponent who points to people who lost their koefrng and paying higher deductibles and they will say it is your fault. >> we are 90 minutes away from
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the president's first pr push. thank you for previewing it for us. >> there is a new report from the washington post that combines all of the errors and impacted a third of the people signing up. that is raising questioning of whether they will get the coverage they were expecting in the now years. lou, good day to you. we turn to you for the private sector velocitty. >> the insurance companies, what are they receiving on their end? >> the insurance companies basically are the source of these reviews and 834s. and epirollment forms we are not told about and how many people enrolled. we are learning about the insurance companies, a third of the enrollment forms for want of a better expression are flawed in some way, substantially and
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significantly to the point they are not reliable and the tens of thousands of people who think they enrolled in obama care have not done so. >> when do they find out or do they? >> that is one of the introwing questions. the administration is not acknowledging the dimension of the problem itself. and what they are doing to go back and gather them up. a quarter of a million people were put in a cube because they couldn't be recognized by as to whether or not they were in the queue or not. and they were put in a separate, we'll call you back and get back to that line, they are going to have to do something similar with the 834's and right now, no decision has been made. >> that is the form that goes to the insurance company and tells them whether or not they are receiving or getting paid.
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>> they are getting paid or whether or not the insured is insured under obama care. >> and back to the previous question here. if you think you have signed up and enrolled and done everything right and find out in january and february that something was missing and fell through the cracks. are you loibl for the fine? >> that is a clear implication here. in this case, it is buyer beware on so many levels. and where there seems to be usually with this administration great compunction and care for justice, there seems to be next to none when it comes to obama care. there is a danger in focusing on the technical issues that are with the flawed and fundmentally loused up website. and on the political issues here. the fact is, americans who are
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relying now on obama care for health care insurance, don't know if they are indeed insured or whether or not the system is working for them. the bigger questions is how in the world will we pay for it all? >> that comes for 2014 and beyond. we'll see you later on and so how the president explains this, to. >> private sector velocitty and i have as much as i can handle. meanwhile the house holding hearings on the presidential overreach when it comes to obama care when the president decayed businesses. >> the house judiciary said the president cannot write his own laws. >> from obama care and immigration the administration is picking which laws to
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enforce. there is no unlaterally waiving or suspending or revising the laws. >> the democrats said the president is doing what the law provides and that is a legal challenge today. >> here is another one. to america's premier catholic university. notre dame using the administration over the law. there is a controversial man date of employers put care in their claims. the judge rowelled that it had no standing since the man date was yet in effect. >> it will kick in on january 1st. >> the greater assault on the obama care on the docket with the judge. the legal challenges that could
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embroil obama care for years. >> the judges have a lot to say about. that >> we want to know today, how can the president sell obama care to you today? >> send us a tweet@bill hemmer. >> and@alisyn camerota. snu can see it here. >> and they are rolling in already today. >> one, a question for the president, is it disposable? >> people are funny. >> just asking? >> we have a fox news alert for you. we have a judge's ruling on the detroit bankruptcy. the largest of its kind in the u.s. history. fox's mike to bein is live outside of the courthouse with the latest. hi, mike? >> reporter: hi, alisyn. the judge ruled that detroit is eligible for bankruptcy. it moves forward with the
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opinion that city employees don't like. the pensions are not protected. like any other contract or obligation they are subject to changes or reductions as the bankruptcy moved forward. kevin orr said that is unavoidable. >> we are trying to be thoughtful and measured and human about what we have to do. i can tell them, the reality is there is not enough money to address the situation no matter what we do. >> reporter: the employee's union ask me, filed an appeal saying that employees are left hanging. and taking note of the judge's declaration that the city did not bargain in good faith and there was no practical way to do so. >> we are disappointed with the fact that the judge found they didn't have to. it is bad for detroit and sets a bad precedent for other
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cities. >> reporter: the changes are not immediate. the plan of adjustment that it is called for the city of detroit moves forward. kevin orr said it is an opportunity for the cities to move together. it is the start of the fight. alisyn. afghan leaders will not sign a troop agreement with the u.s. apparently the taliban gets a vote in the deal as well. we'll explain all of. that plus a warmer for swimmer ares and boaters after a deadly shark attack. >> he was tethered to another kya ct and there was a body lying from the out and the body didn't look good. where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99%
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medicare open enrollment.s to sof year again.alth. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare breaking news now here in
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the northeast, reports of a man with a rifle on or near the campus of new haven in connecticut. students are given a shelter in place order and stay where they are while the police investigate. it is a fluid story and happen in the commercial and we'll monitor this and bring you updates. state of connecticut, that is happening now. we have a deadly shark attack. it tock a life of a man who was fishing in a kayak. all knew something was wrong. this is the eighth shark attack off of ma ui this year and 13th in hawaii. twel year was blood and now the leaders in kabul will not agree with a deal with the
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united states. hammid karzi is not taking a deal coping the troops beyond next year. so far he is not playing ball. michael, former defense advisor. mike meek, good day to you. >> thanks, bill. >> what will take to get it done with karzi? >> we need to step back and look at the environment. what concerns me the metrics on which we are engaging future military activity in 2014. these haven't been played out to the full extent. what should be driving military activity is the future of the political line of development in the country and for me, the big question we need to be asking, what part does the taliban have to play in that? are we going down the line where we see future power sharing executive like we see in northern ireland, for example?
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or fighting the taliban for the foreseeable time. >> if that is the case, you believe that the taliban stays in afghanistan for a time that is uncertain, you agree with that? >> you have to deputy back to 2011. there was nato troops in the country and align that with a powerful and sophisticated air power air forces in the world, the taliban is still there. and their notion of we have the watches and they have the time stands true to this day. the taliban are not g anywhere. and at the moment. afghan national army and police are never in a better position alongside nato forces to deter or defoot the taliban. that is not happening. >> what you are saying, the taliban has a vote in this deal. >> we should be engaging with the taliban and at least understanding what the political future of afghanistan looks like
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with or without the taliban. without the taliban. you will need more than 8 or 12,000 nato troops. up to 8,000 beyond 2014 if you want to contain the insurgent activity. >> i have heard 12- 14,000 on the high end. will it deputy more than that? >> it would take a source iement more and 140,000 naughto troops in may 11th and they couldn't contain the taliban. and we are seeing over hundred men away from the afghan national army and police dying because of taliban and insurgent activity. that is now. and that is in the afghan national army and u.s. troops deployed under 50,000. do we think that 8 or 12,000 nato troops along the effectiveness of the afghan national army. >> i wonder if you can leave the
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country altogether. what do you leave behind in afghanistan? >> you have to look at iraq, bill. look at what is iraq and security situation has developed post the withdrawal of u.s. and nate newton -- nato troops. >> will they come to an agreement, dow believe that? >> i don't think karzi has much choice in the matter. but i seriously think we need to understand the political environment and that will direct what the security will look like. >> i appreciate your thoughts. mike meek kay with us in new york. federal law is set to expire and allowing plastic guns back on the streets. >> also how is this from a entrance. wow. breaking and entering a hard
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way. we'll show you what happened after the jeep went through the door. >> and a decades old mist row about a japanese sub. amazing details a head. >> and waiting for word from the white house. how will the president sell obama care today. and what do you want to hear, up next. -wow! -that feels wow! [ male announcer ] oral-b deep sweep, featuring three cleaning zones that remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. guaranteed "wow" from oral-b. #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide.
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>> we mentioned ten minutes ago, a report of a man with a rifle near the campus of newhaven in connecticut. we are getting word after being told to shelter in place, students are told to stay where they are. a fluid story with a suspect in custody. the suspect is in custody and the shelter in place order still remains.
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oftentimes, the police want to make sure they have the entire situation contained and what they are looking at right now. we are watching the twitter account and the website for the school and when we get details from the police we'll give them to you. >> moments ago, a debate in the house to keep undetectible weapons in the street. the many people may be able to use three d printers to make their own plastic guns, believe it or not and easily get past the metal detectors. kathryn harris has the details from washington. it sound so futuristic, how does it work? >> making the blastec gun and lethal and fires like the real thing used to be a fantasy. and better carving machines and availability of plastics, these
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guns can be made in any basement or garage and the possibilities are endless. >> it is technologies that are available to a common man and can make one of these guns. and like a year from now, there will be hybrid technologies and enable people to make composeit style weapons. >> this coinicides with the expiration. and the legislation dates back to 1988. and at that time the a tf thinks it was forward thinking because all plastic weapons had to contain a plate that was able to it be flagged. >> if the act expires, it is no longer illegal for an individual to manufacture a undetectible
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firearms and the disaster is that one of these firearms could be used illegally against a large crowd in a large area. >> reporter: becomely they are in a bind even if the law is renewed. it may not go far enough. the metal part is cosmetic and removable. some law makers want an extension on the existing law and then look for ways to modify. it >> we have three d printers that can make plastic guns in their basement and offices. i have nothing gaining the three d printers. >> one thing about by the a tf, they want to so the metal plate or pin as part of the firing mechanism and it is not in the gun it is not use excel would be
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illegal, of course. >> this has chilling implications. thank you for bringing it to our attention. >> and the questions coming up on obama care and jay carner going back and forth. jay carney is taking exception. in the moan time, is your personal data safe? the chairman of the house is here live to answer that question. >> we are keeping an eye on what is going on in the white house and we'll bripg you remarks from the president as soon as he makes them and what does he need to say to reassure the american people? >> the president has acknowledged that didn't communicate. >> it was a law. >> it was an opportunity to enroll in stronger plans. and the president specifically addressed that and misled people
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and the administration is working every day to regain credibility.
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as promised jay carney on obama care. let's drop n. >> that includes the fact that your twin sister if you had one. maybe you do, cannot any longer be charged double for the same insurance that you buy. it means that those of you with children between the ages of 18-
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26 can stay on your plan now where as before they could not. it means that millions of americans avail themselves of preventive care that they could not before. and it means that 105 million americans are no longer subject to lifetime limits on health care and 129 million americans who have a preexisting condition for which they could have been denoticed coverage or charged more are protected. denoticing them coverage is prohibited. and that's what the affordable care act is about and we all need to remember we who are working on improvements to the website and talking about the affordable care act. this is providing affordable health care. and the peace and security that comes for millions of americans
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and the fact that the website launch was hugely problematic is on us. and i think we are candid and that is our responsibility to improve it quickly and effectively as possible. and we have seen in the last 48 hours significant improvements are made and the demand that we saw initially is still there despite the challenges that you identify and we owe it to the american people who are struggling with the website in october to make it better so that they can get the shrps they clearly want. >> can you describe what the president will do about the health care. >> every day? 21 days? >> will we hear from him every day. and what is the plan now? >> as you know, today, the president in about an hour will
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hold an event here to highlight the benefits that kicked in for millions of middle class families and helping americans to enroll for the now health care options in the marketplace. americans who benefitted and supporter ares will join the president at today's event. as our work continues to improve, more americans are signing up for health care insurance every day and benefitting from the health care law. that met our self imposed november 30th dead line and we are making improvements to the the deadline, we'll remind the public of how the affordable care act is making a difference in the lives of millions of americans. the benefits will accumulate in the weeks and months a head and word continues on the website. we think that it is important for proponets of look at the
10:35 am
public's effort and benefits of the law that are implemented and that's what we are going to be doing. the president is kicking off the new effort with theentious vent today. >> you are listening to white house press secretary jay carney. they will be touting the merits of the affordable care act. we'll bring in michigan congressman mike rogers who is chairman of the house intelligence committee. congressman, i know your big focus is the security of the website. you have talked about that for months. after the month of technical fixes that the administration is engaged in, are you better about the security of the website? >> absolutely not. it is worse. they are out there selling that the fixes to the website makes your information safe and secure. that is just absolutely wrong.
10:36 am
they have never stress tested the system and they are adding new code. when you add a new code it tis turbs the eco- system of we know that the site gets attacked thousands of times a day. and they have no standard way of making sure the penetrations if there are some are not widely spread throughout the system. none of that is happening and no minimum standard that the industry would accept in launching the website in private information. that ought to be the standard and higher. >> and congressman, we'll remind our viewers that the exchange you had with secretary sebelius about new code and stress tested and if you got the answers you are looking for then? >> each piece of that code introduced in the system been security tested? >> that's my understanding, yes, sir.
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>> each piece of that code has been tested? >> i i don't know. i can tell you that security. >> that is a much safer answer. >> security is an ongoing operation as code is loaded, you need to retest over and over. whether it is pretested. >> you need to test the code. >> she didn't know the answer then. have you gotten those answers since then? >> no. what is crazy about this, alisyn, they told us there is a significant breach to the system, but cm s couldn't put the right people with the security clearances to come up and brief congress. that ought to terrify everybody. we know of a serious breach to the system that exposes sensitive personal information on behalf of every american on the behalf of the way it is set up. and they couldn't find the right
10:38 am
security cleared people to brief congress. it is serving to disrupt health care. and the website is not safe and secower. if it is not functioning properly and even if they tell you they have not fixed something, if it is not functioning at 106 percent and not tested at 106 percent it is not secure. there is hackers who test these systems and saying this thing was never designed with security in mind and that is a disaster. >> congressman, what is the solution and take to make the website secure? >> you have to take it down and make it function so it is fully functionable. and you can't test pieces of the system and put it together and say it is secure. it operates differently when it acrosses boundaries and social security to talk to department
10:39 am
of homeland security. those boundaries, none of that is tested. they need to take the system down and go through and get it functioning which it is not. once it is functioning. you stress test. it and you find people with vulnerabilities and make sure you understand where it is. nop of that has happen. and that would have happen in private sector. and they would be vetted and tested for months prior to the launch. and some estimate 90 or 120 days to do that it. my argument is let's do that and mr. president stop what you are doing. your own people told you it is not safe. stop it and take it off lean and get it functioning and make it secure. you can brag about what it may or may not be going, if it is exposing personal information it is not doing good for anyone. you would be sued, no doubt
10:40 am
about it. that's why we don't do it this way. we will make it safe. >> and congressman mike rogers thank you for sharing your concerns with us. >> and alisyn. i will do that. >> makes a number of good points. and the president addressed the issues that mike roger ares just mentioned. you will see that live from the white house when it happens. and the legal assault on obama care. and the judge napolitano and the challenges on the impact of the health care law. three key cases and the pressure is building on that.
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hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. we are waiting to hear the presidential remarks on obama care. and we have a panel on board from karl rove to stshgs u varny. and young people are least familiar with obama care and
10:44 am
they are the targeted ones for the act. and another shark attack killing a man fish nothing a yayac. >> we'll see you then. it is not only the website that is drawing criticism but the law itself. >> what does the president need to say to the american people and critics in congress? we'll have margie who is a former consultant and great to have you both here. marjorie, let me start wu. one thing that every american knows about the affordable care act that it has a lousy website that hasn't worked well. what does the president need to say to a skeptical american public? >> it is better late than never. we need to hear about the benefits to the a ca. every consumer is thinking of
10:45 am
how is this impacting me? and one of the things that is not talked about what it is doing for the over all cost of health care. ak a or not that would sink us all. 2010, medicaid spending that is happening is dropped. medicare is static. and overall spending by health care providers has dropped in as well. it will help to control costs. >> all right. that may be down the rod. but what about today johnathon? how does he explain it and put the anxieties of so many at ease? >> he will bring a couple of people on the stage who supposedly benefitted. we are spending 2.6 trillion on the law. i hope they can find some people who benefits. but there are literally tens of millions losing their coveraging
10:46 am
and losing their doctors and all of that, the white house here is doing what they did in 2009. and selling the law as a free lunch and ignoring the fact that it is harming tens of millions of people. that genie is out of the bottle. he can't sell benefits. >> marjorie you are doing a better job in 60 seconds of selling than the administration has done. they it are now in damage control and they are touting the benefits. shouldn't they have done it for years? >> i would say yes. i need to hike up my consulting range. i would say absolutely they should have been but again, hind sight is 20- 20 and they are defensive and they need to go on offensive. >> that's their fault though. they ran a terrible product for
10:47 am
62 days. >> i agree. >> and that's clouded out the other factors. >> what they have to regain is people's trust. there is a lot of contingencies in the affordable care what if. what if enough healthy people have not registered. they have fund nothing place to support the insurance company. we don't know until after january 1st and now march. >> the other most famous thing about the affordable care act. we have to pass to know what is in it. it is like the democrats didn't do due diligence to figure out what is in the bill. johnathon what about trust. the president's trustworthiness took a hit because of the broken promise. what can he do more today. >> i disagree with marjorie. they solid the benefits of the
10:48 am
bill and ignoring the human costs. and now people know what is in the bill and implemented and we have a million people in california losing health insurance. they know it is harming people. and independents especially. these are the people who sided with obama in 2012. they are come toth position if not repealed dismantled. >> how is that private sector velocity working out for you guys. >> johnathon must have a kristital ball. a lot don't know what is in it and that's where consumer education is needed. >> johnathon, and marjorie great to have you in. >> work on the pstb you, two. >> and we'll wait for the president's remarks on the affordable care act. what does he say about the deadline for fixing the website
10:49 am
is two months past. >> there is a flurry of legal challenges today. we'll explore those with the judge coming up. canned chore
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well it turns out just because the court says obama care is legal, the fight is not over. >> welcome back to hq. we are tricerrific and you? >> three issues here. notre dame university is now suing the federal government based on what? >> based on obama care's position of notre dame. which forces it to acquire
10:53 am
health insurance -- the school is arguing that under the first amendment which was not scrutinized under the first amendment. >> they didn't rule on that? >> correct. under the first amendment obama care is unconstitutional because it forces people like notre dame to violate their religious rights. >> there is another one. they are holding a hearing to determine whether the president is quote rewriting his own law by using executive powers to alter those certain provisions in terms of employer mandates. can a president rewrite or modify his on law? >> well, generally no. it is the job of the congress to modify the laws. remember when he came before congress amaya culpa
10:54 am
saying this is not working and you are all going to get an extra year to keep the polythat you now all have. the 5.6 million people that lost their policies that they have. when he signs and executive order, ordering female in the federal government to ask as if the law has to change, it gets under congress's skin and that is what they are looking at as we speak. the challenge there is also to whether or not corporations have religious freedom rights. hobby, lobby, which is a christian owned company that caters to christian clientele in shopping malls has thousands of
10:55 am
malls and it does not want to buy healthance. >> now all that taken together now to cut through all of this now. do you believe one case has more standing than the other or any of them? >> i believe that the hobby lobby case if it prevails will force the congress to rewrite obama care. because the essence of obama care is that the government decides the health insurance requirements are for everyone. the government can't do this and that. it will take the heart out of obama care and force democrats that are running for re-election to say mr. president we are up for re-election you are not. this has to change or we are going to lose our jobs.
10:56 am
veto it and we are going to override it. we should watch the hobby lobby case in the supreme court which will be argued in march and we will get a ruling in june. >> maybe we should have the judge watch it for us. >> yes. thank you judge. >> see you later buddy. >> we are await iing campaign t resell obama care to the public. we'll take you live to the white house. >> and how the president can resell you today on obama care. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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here are some of your answers:
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>> that is funny. we do that for humor. >> the president is coming up in 30 minutes. thank you for being with us today. thank you so much for watching. here comes gretchen and the real story. >> hi everyone. welcome to a two day edition of the real story today. we are waiting for a statement from president obama. this comes in the wake of a botched website rollout that you now about. the president is said to highlight benefits that have already kicked in.